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About Us

 There’s nothing more we love than wind-through-the-hair, barefoot-on-the sand, sun-kissed moments of pure joy on the water. But it has to be perfect. It has to be right. And because the people who mean everything to us are here. It has to be safe. Our family’s lifestyle is a cultivated combination of all the things we love. And we carefully curate the things we allow to be part of it. Nothing existed on the market that satisfied my family’s standards of safety or style when it came to children’s life jackets and sun-safe clothing.

 So, I created my own.

Hinckey boat , US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket, UPF 50+ Sun Wear

I’m Amanda Horan, Co-founder of Line + Cleat alongside my husband, Collin.   Our expertly crafted line of children’s life jackets and UPF wear provides parents with the perfect blend of cultivated style and necessary safety so they can truly enjoy life on the water. Our stylish + safe children’s life jackets and sun-safe UPF wear pioneer a niche that hadn’t currently existed in the market. Now, you can be confident you are providing the style you want and the safety you demand for your children. Line + Cleat exists to equip leisure water enthusiasts with the freedom and space their families yearn for on the water.

 Style + Safety.

Our sun-safe clothing is approved for 50+ UPF exposure, perfect for those long and relaxing days on the beach, and our life vests come in a spectrum of elegantly subtle colorways that elevates the typical US Coast Guard approved PFD into the ideal life preserver for infants and children. Constructed with durable straps and buttons, and covered in sleek, soft Evoprene fabric, our life jackets give parents and their children the freedom to enjoy their leisure lifestyle on the water with confidence.

Hinckley Boat, Line + Cleat, US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket, PFD, Preppy

 Confidence with Style.
 Confidence with Safety.
 Line + Cleat.