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Product Resources

How to clean your PFD:
To clean your Line + Cleat Personal Flotation Device (PFD), hand wash or spot treat with warm, soapy water. Rinse your PFD with fresh water and hang to dry. Do not dry clean, use chlorine bleach, or apply direct heat. You can also use a fabric safe mold & mildew stain remover for cleaning the outer cover of your PFD. Be sure to rinse your PFD well after use. Always store your fully dried PFD in a warm, dry, well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
Product Warranty:
Line + Cleat PFDs have a warranty for one year after the item is purchased. Item must be purchased directly from Line + Cleat or through one of our authorized retailers. The warranty is in regards to the manufacturing of the product and does not include normal wear and tear. Should you have questions regarding your PFD warranty please contact us directly at The product warranty does not include:
- Alterations or repairs
- Materials over 1-YEAR from date of original purchase
- Fading from sunlight
- Products that have been resold
- Damages due to misuse or abuse
- Damages from transportation, incidental, or consequential use
- Fabric stains caused by improper care and maintenance
- Use of direct sunlight and/or clothes dryer for drying purposes
- Improper fit caused by incorrect sizing purchase
- Warranty request without ORIGINAL RECEIPT

How to fit your PFD properly:
Line + Cleat recommends using a US Coast Guard approved PFD for all of your activities on or around the water.
US Coast Guard approved PFDs have government standards that are set and monitored by a company called UL.  UL’s mission is to help deliver safety, quality, security, sustainability, and confidence.  For more information on UL see

A few key features to consider when buying and fitting a US Coast Guard approved life jacket for your child are materials, closure, and weight requirements:
Evoprene life jackets are softer and more comfortable and tend to stretch slightly when wet. They come with both a front zipper and 2 front buckles.  When the life jacket is zipped up it should feel snug on your body.  The buckles can also be used to make the vest more snug.  Make sure the jacket is a tight and snug fit prior to getting wet.
Child PFDs are sized based on weight. Line + Cleat currently offers a 0-30lb and a 30-50lb option. Line + Cleat will be expanding on more size options as we grow.
Non coast guard approved vests or swim trainers are not standardized and will have different fits form US Coast Guard Approved and between different brands.  We recommend you follow the Think Smart guide closely to find the optimal fit for you. You can also consult the US Coast Guard website for additional information on proper fit and use of your PFD.