Blog Post: How to (legally) enter a yacht club you don’t belong to

How to (legally) enter a yacht club you don’t belong to

Let’s say you’re from the great town of Davenport, IA where you have a Chris Craft Corsair 25 you like to take out on the ole Mississippi River on the weekends. You’re vacationing in New Orleans and would love to enjoy a nice meal with a nice view of the water. The Southern Yacht Club (in New Orleans) ticks all the boxes.

Since this is a private club, most would have to either trespass or hope to get invited to an event to experience good food with a view. However, since you’re a card-carrying member of the Lindsey Park Yacht Club, you can walk right in.

So how are you able to do what most other people can’t? Reciprocity.

Established by the Yachting Club of America (YCA), reciprocity is defined as: The state of being reciprocal; mutual dependence, co-operation, exchange of courtesies or return in kind, etc. The policy under which special advantages are granted by one side in consideration of same by the other.

Through the network of yacht clubs YCA has established, members from one yacht club can, generally, use the facilities at another. This can range from a meal at the onsite restaurant to docking your boat for the night during a passage.

It should be noted that use of facilities by visiting yacht club members can vary so it’s best to call ahead to determine what services are available.
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Member of Indian Neck Yachts Club Branford CT we want to rejoin the organization I have been tasked to make this happen please sent information Thank you

Ed Murray

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